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Macrotone Documentation

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The following Oracle based documentation has been written at various times over the years and has been found to be useful in many situations.  Where required changes have been made to reflect new features or options available to products described in the documents.

No guarantees can be given that any specific document will accurately descibe the current version being used, although where specific changes are know, these are mentioned in the document.

The following general documents exist:

Oracle Backup and Recovery Guide including details on the use of TSM.

Oracle Forms and Reports 10G General guide to setting up and using Forms and Reports 10g.  Based upon the former Oracle Application server and not the newer WebSphere application server.

Oracle DataGuard Configuration and Operation A set up of Database between two locations.  Examples from a real situation where the two sites were many miles apart.

Oracle Transparent Gateway Descibes the setup and usage of the Oracle Transparent gateway to SQL*Server.  Enables data to be 'transparently' moved or accessed from the Oracle database when it is located in a Microsoft SQL server database.

Oracle Streams setup and usage.  Generic description of setting up Oracle Streams.  Does not mention Goldengate which is Oracle's current preferred solution.

Oracle Ultrasearch.  An implementation for a client describing how it is setup, configured and used.

Miscellaneous Documents:

Unwrapping Oracle PLSQL - Document explaining how to determine the original source code for Oracle 9, 10 and 11 where it has been wrapped within the database.  Supposedly this is secure but the document clearly describes how to 'reverse engineer' the original source code, less any former descriptive comments.  This is a potential security concern if the code wrapping was intended to preserve the code.

Data Masking Procedure A procedure intended to mask data to enable it to be removed from a 'secure' site for use in an insecure environment but still retaining the relationships between various table fields to enable software development to be carried out in the insecure environment.  Further development of the package will be required to cover all situations and data types.  i.e.  LOB types are not handled.

Data Auditing Package A comprehensive description of the various auditing mechanisms available in Oracle including FGA available in later versions of the database.  Includes a package to automate the setting of the parameters for specific schema.

Database Performance Statistics.  A database package replacing a set of SQL scripts that together provide a comprehensive set of results for analysis of a database performance.  Largely replaced by the Oracle supplied Statspack statistics but still very useful for those not familiar with StatsPack.  Retained mainly for historical purposes for earlier releases of the Oracle databases that may still exist.

Sucmd Documentation for the Macrotone'sucmd' program which enables a listed number of specific UNIX users to assume root privileges without needing to know the root password.  Similar ro the public domain 'sudo' package but more specific to its intended need.

Holidays Package Describes the Macrotone developed Holidays package which is used to determine the number of working days between two provided dates.  Specifically developed for the UK it handles holidays announced for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Accurate from 1582 (the change to the Gregorian calendar) up to 2012 as of the last change (version 1.3).

 Under Development

Oracle Label Security.  A guide to Oracle Label Security, including installation and experiences in its implementation, and solutions to some of the problems encountered.

Oracle GoldenGate.  A new guide to Oracle Goldengate, with a comparison to Oracle Streams plus sample installation and hints and tricks.

Oracle WebLogic Server.  Installation guide for the server and specific components such as Forms, Reports and Discoverer, and GoldenGate Director Server and Client.

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