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Macrotone Services

Welcome to the Macrotone Consulting Ltd service information page. We are a premier provider of Oracle and UNIX support and development services. Our goal is to enable you obtain the very best performance and usage from your Oracle based applications and the hardware platforms upon which they are hosted.
Our quality control standards are high. Our personnel are among the most technically and professionally dedicated in delivering client satisfaction. Our goal is always to deliver a high value support and development service.  Your satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Below is a small sample list of the services we offer:

Oracle Support

The introduction of Oracle features such as Asynchronous Queuing, Fine Grain Access Security Control, Partitioning, Transportable tablespaces and the Java VM into bespoke applications enable the best possible usage of the 'newer' features of Oracle to be used to maximize application interfaces and performance.  These improvements make use of tools such as Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, Java, Discoverer etc.

All database versions, including the latest 11G Release 2 are supported, with a particular emphasis upon backup and recover scenarios.  Experience of the implementation of Oracle Streams technology is also available.

For customers with a strong security requirement expertise in the use of Oracle Label Security is also available.  There is also experience of the use of this security with Oracle Streams.  Integration with Microsoft Active Directory and/or LDAP has also been implemented.

With the popularity of Oracle Application Server we can also offer assistance in the configuration and deployment of J2EE compliant applications.  Integration skills with Oracle Internet Directory (OID) and the use of Oracle Portal enable the development of a public facing web site enabling secure authentication and useful search facilities to be presented, enabling business efficiency.

UNIX Support

The hardware platform upon which the Oracle application runs determines the potential benefits available for an application.  Consequently there is a need to tune the platforms and often develop techniques, scripts, programs etc. to maximize benefits.  Our staff are familiar with most flavours of the UNIX operating system, including Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, BSD and Linux.

Bespoke Services

Primary services cover the UNIX Operating System, Oracle database and  Backup and Recovery mechanism.  Other services available upon request  include bespoke Operator and User training courses at customer premises.

Joomla Services

We are experienced in the set up and maintenance of Joomla CMS systems.  Services include the design, and implementation of bespoke Joomla extensions.

For more information or to schedule a meeting to discuss services, please contact us via E-mail.

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