JAudit Changelog

This document shows the changes made to each release. Details of changes for releases not yet made publicly available are the confirmed changes already made for the release although this can not be guaranteed, since problems may be revealed during final testing necessitating changes.

JAudit 1.2.0

~ Change copyright year to 2016.
# Fix problem with multiple display of changelog in Dashboard.
~ Fetch component version details from registry rather than meta table.
- Remove documentation tab from back end.
- Remove meta table.
~ Convert tables to character set utf8mb4 and colation utf8mb4_unicode_ci to match Joomla 3.5
~ Modify unique key length on trigger_name in trigger table to allow for new utf8mb4 character set.
# Fix running of update SQL scripts on a component update.

JAudit 1.1.0

~ Correct case where the change_by field was not being set correctly on some tables.
+ Add ability to export change history records.
~ Rewrite of trigger generation code to simplify trigger code.
- Remove unused models.
! The minimum required Joomla! version is 3.4
~ Modify translation credit display so that it now displays an article upon our site via an iframe rather than hard coding it in the component.
+ Add purge button on change history display.

JAudit 1.0.2

~ Modify triggers to insert super user id where it is not possible to determine the change user.
~ Change to user renderField method in single change display.
~ Modify trigger to always insert a integer in the change_by field of the audit record.

JAudit 1.0.1

+ Add option to control length of text (characters) displayed in change list.
+ Add log table and view.
~ Update all copyright dates to 2015.
~ Update links to reflect new Kunena forum.
~ Correct CSS for missing icons.
# Add additional checks for Database permissions to create triggers to install script.
~ Modify credits display to show Transifex profile of translators.

JAudit 1.0.0

+ Initial Release

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