Deprecated: Joomla\Input\Input implements the Serializable interface, which is deprecated. Implement __serialize() and __unserialize() instead (or in addition, if support for old PHP versions is necessary) in /homepages/13/d380392445/htdocs/Jlive/libraries/vendor/joomla/input/src/Input.php on line 41

Deprecated: Return type of Joomla\Input\Input::count() should either be compatible with Countable::count(): int, or the #[\ReturnTypeWillChange] attribute should be used to temporarily suppress the notice in /homepages/13/d380392445/htdocs/Jlive/libraries/vendor/joomla/input/src/Input.php on line 170
General Support FAQ


This support FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is intended to assist you in providing all the relevant information so that we may provide you with a timely and accurate resolution to your problem or question.  The topics are of a general support nature and applicable to any Joomla problem that may be encountered and provide guidance in obtaining additional information to enable a speedy resolution.

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