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The Password Control System Plug-in is the first step in what is intended to be a comprehensive control system for Joomla passwords.

This extension is intended to introduce some security into the users access into Joomla. Currently as released Joomla has only a simple user name and password mechanism but there is no checking of the password itself once it is defined and it could easily be the same as the user name.

The documentation is available as web pages and as in PDF format which covers all releases. For the current release it is also available as a separate document on the web site as indicated below.

Release Versions

Password Control User Profile Plug-in

The Password Control User Profile Plug-in is an optional piece of functionality that may be installed to provide the user will details of their most recent password change and the next scheduled forced change. It also provides the site administrator with similar visibility and and allows the next password change date to be set for an individual user. Certain restrictions apply. More details can be found in the Password Control documentation (see above).

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