The Password Control System Plug-in is the first step in what is intended to be a comprehensive control system for Joomla passwords.

This extension is intended to introduce some security into the users access into Joomla. Currently as released Joomla has only a simple user name and password mechanism but there is no checking of the password itself once it is defined and it could easily be the same as the user name.

The documentation is available as web pages and as in PDF format which covers all releases. For the current release it is also available as a separate document on the web site as indicated below.

Release Versions

System Plugin 0.1.7

~ Fix deprecated constructor message PHP7.

System Plugin 0.1.6

+ Added checks for password reset form.
# Change copyright year to 2016.>
# Alter once_date to be a selectable calendar item.

System Plugin 0.1.5

# Permit a minimum length of 6 characters for a password. Not recommended but possibly is easier for an internal site.
~ Correct back end password generation when front end generation is disabled.
~ Correct problem with generator creating an all numeric password if only the numeric check is enabled. Provide generator specific options.
+ Added ability to provide custom CSS styling to generator positioning on form.
~ Added additional code checks to avoid situation where user logs out on first login and bypasses password change on initial login.
# Add option to control loading of jQueryUI in front end.
# Changed defaults to use jQuery UI 1.11.4 release.
# Changed defaults to use jQuery 1.11.3 release.

System Plugin 0.1.4

+ Add exemption groups and exempt user options to forced email change upon initial login.
+ Add an additional check for Joomla 3.4 where we are in edit mode but the layout field is set to null.

System Plugin 0.1.3

+ Change copyright year to 2015.
- Support for Akeeba Restore Points removed as they are no longer supported by Akeeba.
+ New option to force the user to change their email address on first login.
# Clean up of parameter settings.

System Plugin 0.1.2

+ More Code Refactorisation.
+ Change default jQuery-ui version 1.10.4.
+ Change default jQuery version to 1.11.0.
+ Change to allow for new encryption methods Joomla 3.3.
+ Change to allow for Joomla 3 user password reset required flag.
# Modify checks for checking password change required.
+ Introduced ability to hide some of the other user profile fields such as the email, username and name fields. Also permit the addition of an informative text area field to display some helpful text to assist the user in entering their password.
# Due to a coding conflict between jQuery-UI dialog windows and mmenu (a jQuery plugin for mobile menus) add ability to use an alternative jQuery bootstrap dialog plugin.
+ Extend exemption checks added to onAfterUserSave event to permit password reuse for exempt users.

System Plugin 0.1.1

+ Code Refactorisation.
+ Eliminate use of deprecated functions.
# Update copyright date.
# Change to follow change to use PHPass for password encryption in Joomla 2.5.18 and Joomla 3.2.x.
# Change to allow for revised edit profile screen.

System Plugin 0.1.0

+ Add password specification criteria.
+ Add password generator functionality.
~ Correct use of control table entries in PHP update routine.

System Plugin 0.0.9

# Modified the 'single forced change' to be more robust.
# Modified the exempt user selection to be a select list.
+ Introduce use of onBeforeUserStore event to check the password prior to a save.
+ Introduce an equivalent PHP routine to update the control table as an alternative to the database procedure.
+ Introduce the option to specify exempt user groups.
+ Add integration with Akeeba system restore points.

System Plugin 0.0.8

~ Correct the call to popupWindow for Joomla 3.x.

System Plugin 0.0.7

+ Provide ability to specify a redirection link.
~ Correct the display of delay message.
# Modify database password checking routine to be deterministic.
- Remove check upon database version and session log change.

System Plugin 0.0.6

~ Correct the error display when a database error is encountered.
~ Correct the changelog display to be shown in a modal window.

System Plugin 0.0.5

+ Changes to enable compatibility with Joomla 3.0.
+ This changelog added to plugin.
~ Correct the situation where an administrator changing a users settings in the back end forced a user password change request.
~ Correct the links in plugin description.
~ Fix unidentified variable warnings in debug mode.

System Plugin 0.0.4

+ Changes to allow for future incorporation into a Password Control component.
+ Implement update servers for future releases. This will make updates for users much easy.
+ Make use of Joomla global definitions. Removed a few unnecessary definitions.
+ Allow multiple user passwords to be stored and checked. There is a choice of a database based or a php routine depending on administrator preference.
+ Permit checking of the previous password to be bypassed.
~ Fix missing JParameter routine error.

System Plugin 0.0.3

+ Allow blocking of a user after exceeding a specified number of days after their last password change. Administrator user can not be blocked.
+ Enables the ability to prompt users to change their passwords a specified number of days before they expire.
+ Permits a one off password change that will apply to all users (except exempt users). The date of the change may be specified for a future date.
+ Allow the administrator to define password change link used where a non standard registration module is configured on the site.
+ Added the ability such that when a password change is enforced as a one off, or as periodic changes, all users except exempt users will be forced to change their passwords.
~ Correct update server definition to use 'extension' rather than 'collection'.
~ Fix the password entry screen which indicated that the password change was optional where as it was a mandatory change required.

System Plugin 0.0.2

+ Provide ability to force a password change after a specified number of days.
+ Saves previously users password (in encrypted form) for checking.

System Plugin 0.0.1

+ Initial Release

Password Control User Profile Plug-in

The Password Control User Profile Plug-in is an optional piece of functionality that may be installed to provide the user will details of their most recent password change and the next scheduled forced change. It also provides the site administrator with similar visibility and and allows the next password change date to be set for an individual user. Certain restrictions apply. More details can be found in the Password Control documentation (see above).

Release Versions

User Plugin 0.0.4

~ Update copyright year to 2015.
# Code review.
~ Correct changelog to display in a modal window for Joomla 3.4.

User Plugin 0.0.3

~ Correct changelog to display in a modal window.

User Plugin 0.0.2

+ Changes to enable compatibility with Joomla 3.0.
# This changelog added to plugin.
~ Fix unidentified variable warnings in debug mode.

User Plugin 0.0.1

+ Initial Release


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