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Language Guide - Extensions

All of our Joomla extension packages upon release only contain support for the English language, but other languages, where they exist, may be separately downloaded and installed. When one upgrades from one version of a component to a different component version one should also remember that one will need to separately download and upgrade all other languages you may be using on the site. When one performs an extension upgrade only the English language will be upgraded automatically.

All our translations are managed as Transifex projects. The download page contains the link to the additional languages pack, which includes all translated languages, both complete and incomplete. This language packs may be updated more often than the components themselves depending upon the workload of the translators.

To see the status of your language, please visit the appropriate Transifex page as shown in the table below:



Transifex Language File Location

To translate IP Mapping navigate to:
To translate Issue Tracker navigate to:
To translate Macrotone Audit navigate to:
To translate Kbase navigate to:
To translate Password Control navigate to:
To translate Rialto navigate to:


Not everything may be translated

It is more than possible that some of the translations may be incomplete. This may well be due to the translation having been performed on an earlier extension release and not yet having been updated. Remember that translators have provided their expertise freely and at no cost.

Helping with the task of completing the translation

Many of the languages in this package are missing translations. To see the status of your language, please visit the appropriate Tranifex project page.

If you think you can complete the remaining parts of a translation, or you could write a translation that has not yet been written for one of our extension, we cordially invite you to participate in the appropriate Transifex project. If you have the skills and you would like to help, we would appreciate your help with our translation work.

I am interested to contribute my translations, where do I begin?

If you are keen to contribute your language expertise as a translator for our Joomla extensions, we would be more than happy to accept you!

Sounds good! Are there any benefits for me?

Are extensions are distributed free and as such we derive no financial income from our work. We value your contributions and always acknowledge your work and make recommendations where appropriate. If at some future time we ever start offering our extensions on a commerical basis all translators will be able to make continuous complimentary use of products as long as they continue to make their contributions.

We are seeking for dedicated translators who are willing to volunteer in the long term to translate for us whenever we launch a new product or release new product updates.

Tips for successful translations

As a contributor, you are advised to work as a team and encourage each other in the team in the completion of a language translation. The faster you work, the more Joomla users will benefit from using our extensions.

Where do I sign up?

Sign-up an account in Transifex at

Join the OpenTranslators team at Your request will be approved by the respective coordinators of the language team within a few days.

Joining a Transifex team

To manage the process of who is translating what, there are teams for each language. Please create a new team for your language if one does not currently exist. Please use the five digit xx_XX language code instead of the two digit language code. Or request a membership to a specific language.

Performing the translation

Go back to the main page of the extension  project page. There you should see a list of the current language files. To translate one of those just click on it. You should see some additional info and below it, a list of the available languages. If your language is not listed, just click on add Translation and choose your language. If your language is available, you can click upon it.

The names of the language files will vary and depend upon the number of language strings used in the extension and the number of plugins and/or modules included for each component.

Click on a language file to start translating.

There are two 2 methods of translating the language files:

  1. Translate online in real time via Transifex
  2. Download language files, translate from your computer and upload the files back into Transifex.
For further information visit

WARNING: Please test that your language works in Joomla! before uploading the file into Transifex. Otherwise your translations may break during import!

There are some points to note about Transifex Joomla support, so please check these:


[Tip] Tips
NEVER use double quotes (") in your translation; use single quotes instead (also in HTML tags)


If you edit files by hand, make sure that it uses Unix encoding (\n), not Windows (\r\n) or Mac (\r), and that you use UTF8 encoding before uploading the files back to Transifex.

If you edit files by hand, make sure that you don't split the translations into more than one line (otherwise part of the translation will disappear.)
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