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Oracle Based Software

Macrotone Consulting in addition to writing bespoke Oracle packages and procedures, prepares generic code that is available upon request. Some of the code may have specific database version dependencies.

Auditing Package

This package supports both database trigger auditing and Fine Grain auditing, and provides a simple interface to implement these features upon database schema‚Äôs. Tested and developed on Oracle 9.x and Oracle 10.x.

Data Scrambling Package

This package enables sensitive data to be removed from a client site (subject to client agreement) by masking the identified table data columns with random data of the same data length and type. This preserves the data characteristics but ensures no real data information can be seen.  Any foreign key constraints dependant upon the masked columns would be disabled. Tested and developed on Oracle 9.x and Oracle 10.x.

Holidays Package

This package determines the number of working days between two specified dates. It can automatically calculates the Bank Holidays that occur within the specified period and subtracts them from the total available. It correctly allows for the different parts of the UK such as Ireland, Wales and Scotland, which have different holidays. The Bank Holiday determination is optional, otherwise it only allows for Saturday and Sunday being non-working days. Optional also is whether the start date is also included in the calculation.  Tested on Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g.

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