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5 years 10 months ago #1 by juggielee
Publish issues was created by juggielee
i'm testing issue tracker,
I have registered users sending private issues.
when they log back in they can not see their issues
on private issues i try to publish them and the state remains unpublished after i save and close.
what settings do i have to check for the module to let me publish the private issues so that users can see and keep track of their issues.
I tried reinstalling the module with no change in being able to publish the private issues so that users can see their own submitted issues.

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5 years 10 months ago - 5 years 10 months ago #2 by chrisc
Replied by chrisc on topic Publish issues
Private Issues are defined as issues that contain information that the raiser has decided should not be seen other than by themselves and the site/issue admin. As such they are not visible to anyone in the front end of the site other then themselves (when they have logged in) and issue staff/admin. They do not obey the 'published state' rules and any attempt to set the published state is 'ignored'.

To publish an issue it is necessary to change it to a 'public' issue first before publishing it. This is deliberate and implies that the issue has been checked first to ensure no 'private' information is included in the displayed information. i.e. Passwords, usernames and such.

This explains the behaviour you are seeing.

Now the main point was that you wanted your users to see their 'private issues'. This is possible via the use of a menu item. If you create a 'Issues Listing' menu item, there is a display setting named 'Show user issues' (or something similar depending on the language) approximately the second item on the 'Display tab'. Create the menu item solely for registered users. Then when the users log in they can see the menu item and it will display their own issues. i.e. The ones for which they are the 'issue identifier'. Other menu item criteria also apply, so you will probably wish them to see all issue statuses for example.

The module itself does not have this ability. Strange as it may seem this has not been asked or considered as a possible usage before. In theory this is not difficult to do, just not been coded. I think that there is about 12 lines of code that would be required, most involved with the parameter setting and I will look to add this to the next release.


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5 years 10 months ago #3 by juggielee
Replied by juggielee on topic Publish issues
thank you for the help

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