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As release Joomla only provides some rudimentary control of user's passwords. The basic Joomla authentication of the user's password is whether the two entries match. If they match the user can continue. What is required is control over the specification of the password itself?  Must it contain upper and lower case letters?  Should it also contain numbers and/or special characters' such as underscore (_), hash (#) etc?  Also how many of each should it contain?  Should there be checks upon real words? Password Control tries to address some of these questions.

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Password Control Overview

The documentation in PDF format and also as web pages is available upon the site. [Please see links under 'Joomla Extensions' on the site.] This document only presents a brief overview of the functionality.

Currently the existing capability is provided by a system plug-in. The plugin addresses the more pressing issues:

  •  Forcing the user to change their password on initial logon

  • Forcing the users to periodically change their passwords every 'n' days, where 'n' is an administrator defined variable, typically set to 30 days.

  • Ability to optionally block users.

  • Ability to store up to 999 previous passwords for a user.

  • Supports Joomla update functionality.

  • Ability to specify site password criteria that must be met and provide user with feedback on how their password fails.

  • Inbuilt password generator that creates passwords matching the site specified criteria.

More details can be found in the Password Control Documentation

An additional optional capability is provided by the Password Control User Profile Plug-in. This is described in the documentation, but permits the site user to see details of their most recent password change and the next scheduled password change. It also allows the site administrator to view this information and edit the next password change date if required.

Translation Credits

We would like to thank all the people who have donated their time and effort in providing translations for our extensions, either individually or as part of a translation team, so that they may be used by the wider community.

Release Versions

Password Control System Plug-in


Password Control User Profile Plug-in

The Password Control User Profile Plug-in is an optional piece of functionality that may be installed to provide the user will details of their most recent password change and the next scheduled forced change. It also provides the site administrator with similar visibility and and allows the next password change date to be set for an individual user. Certain restrictions apply. More details can be found in the Password Control documentation (see above).


These plug-ins will become part of the Password Control Component (currently under development), but are intended to be retained as separate stand alone plug-ins for those who do not require additional functionality.

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