Chapter 1. Introduction and installation

Introducing Macrotone Timesheet

Macrotone Timesheet is a component which allows employees to enter timesheet information that may later be printed and/or distributed to the company accounts for processing. The idea is that employees have a central mechanism for time entries against specific projects.

Key features:

  • Time recording by weekly period.

  • 5 or 7 day weeks.

  • timesheet approval system.

  • Editable grid for data entry and edit. Front End only

  • Variable week start day.

  • Optional administrator and user comments for each timesheet or individual line item.

Please note that this initial release of Macrotone Timesheet may not be as fully functional in the area of printing timesheets as required and some work may be required by early adopters in this area. We would welcome any possible enhancements, ideas and/or code in this specific area.


Nomenclature: We have used the phrase 'timesheet' throughout this document although one could equally use the phrase 'time sheet'. Which ever is used, the intent is to convey a mechanism to record time in a 'sheet' or 'form' for recording purposes.

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