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sh404SEF graphs, Akeeba Admin Pro and .htaccess

Just tracked down a configuration problem with the .htaccess file generated by Akeeba Admin Tools Pro which was causing the sh404SEF Analytics display to fail to display the generated site view graphics.

The problem was that the .htaccess rule was preventing the sh404SEF component from accessing the graphical data that it has created.  I could see that the graphical png files were being created but they were not being displayed.

Turning off the .htaccess effect by renaming the file, enabled the graphs to be displayed so it was obviously .htaccess that was at fault.

So then it was a case of finding the creation rule in the Akeeba Admin Tools Pro htaccess creator.

The solution was to add the directory to the list of exceptions:

Under 'Server Protection -> Exceptions -> '  add the path to the sh404sef_analytics directory to the list.

This then generates an exception which means that it is not picked up by the rule identified above.

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