This Macrotone Kbase (or Knowledgebase) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is intended to assist you in providing answers to some of the most commonly asked Kbase questions. It is intended to supplement the main documentation.

How do I get hold of a copy of the component?

The release is currently is live testing and upon release will be made available for download in the 'Download' directory.

Which version of Joomla does it work with?

The initial release was for Joomla 3.4 but it runs on the current release versions of Joomla. It is not supported on any older versions of Joomla!

Are there any front end features?

Yes the main functionality is also available through the front end. This includes the creation and upkeep of Knowledgebase entries and the control of article attachments.

Where is the documentation?

The full product documentation is/will be available as web pages and in PDF format. The documentation covers all releases.

[sliders Are any Joomla core files changed?|icon}

No. The component uses standard Joomla functionality, no core files are changes.

Are other languages supported?

The main supported language is English. We welcome any submitted language translations that users might like to contribute. These would then be made available to the whole community.

The component will make use of the Transifex system and it is hoped that some additional languages will be provided as time goes by. Please see the appropriate pages on the site for details of the currently available translations.

Does it work with sh404SEF?

The initial release does not work correctly with sh404SEF and instead uses its own SEF friendly URLs. We may write a sh404SEF plugin when or if circumstances deem it necessary. If you are using sh404SEF it is necessary to configure the component to use the 'Joomla router'.

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