IP Mapping Changelog

This document shows the changes made to each release. Details of changes for releases not yet made publicly available are the confirmed changes already made for the release although this can not be guaranteed, since problems may be revealed during final testing necessitating changes.

IP Mapping 1.4.2

~ The site is no more, so include markerclusterer js file to be part of the component distribution. Impacts the mapper module displays.
+ Add ability to specify Browser and Server Google Maps API keys.
~ Change mapper module to accept an API key. Includes warning if no API keys specified and debug logging enabled.
- Remove sensor keyword from Google maps call(s).
~ Modify map_data routine (Mapper module) to use component debug logging settings.
~ Change so that IP InfoDB API key is now only obtained from the component options. Formally it was possible to specify it in the module itself.
~ Change to use rather than for loading map API.

IP Mapping 1.4.1

+ New option for where server is behind a proxy server such as CloudFlare.
~ Numerous minor code cleanups resolving code warning messages seen in PHPStorm.
~ Change mapper module to use windows.load rather than document.ready function.

IP Mapping 1.4.0

~ Modify locations display to trim path and phrase columns similar to referrer column.
- Remove documentation page from back end.
~ Modify table characterset and collation to match Joomla 3.5 utf8mb4_unicode_ci.
- Remove meta table.
+ Add South Sudan (SS) to countries table.

IP Mapping 1.3.3

# Fix undefined PHP notices in Visitor Agent module.
+ Add a few additional scrappers and advertising bots to the robots table.
+ Update copyright year to 2016.
~ Get component version from manifest file rather than meta table.
# Fix error when changelog displayed multiple times from dashboard (cpanel) view.

IP Mapping 1.3.2

~ Add additional checks for updating multiple locations in back end.
# Correct use of back end filters in locations display.
~ Modify field used for country code if Geobytes determination used. Applies to front and back end.
~ Modify locations information received to ensure no stray quote characters.
- Support for Akeeba Restore Points removed as they are no longer supported by Akeeba.

IP Mapping 1.3.1

~ Add country code ZZ to list of ignored locations in mapper module.
# Correct problem preventing location displays if path variable contained an ampersand.
~ Modify back end location creation logdate handling.
~ Set default reason_id to 'Other' if not specified in back end manual location creation.
~ Modify mapper module to handle clustering over long time periods. New option for complete map refresh provided.

IP Mapping 1.3.0

! The minimum required Joomla! version is 3.3.0
~ Change back end list display ordering to match Joomla 3.3 standard method.
+ New options to control of referer, phrase, source and agent fields in back end locations table.
+ New option in Visitor Agent module to control use of HTML5 geolocation data capture.
# Correct logging of arrays in initial call.
# Correct back end locations filter on published state.
~ Update copyright year to 2015
# Correct typo in mapper module preventing control of referrer field display.
+ New option to control display of marker Info Window, creator information and table data title in mapper module.
# Remove use of Top function from Visitor Agent module.
~ Update credits to be an iframe with the contents fetched from the main site. Thus ensuring they are always up to date.
~ Change Geobytes API to use getcitydetails instead of former IP location method which is discontinued.
# Fix back end search in Robots table.

IP Mapping 1.2.3

+ Add logging DEBUG options to back end.
+ Add check for PHP setting allow_url_fopen and if not enabled use CURL interface instead.
# Correct update of multiple fields error in back end.
+ Add the ability to control the display of more of the table fields in the mapper display.
+ Add additional table to control robots (web crawlers).

IP Mapping 1.2.2

~ Extent recent change for truncating Akeeba log to web invoked cron task.
~ Add some DEBUG logging entries to the mapping module.
~ Modify location update so that any other unset locations for a specific IP are updated when one is manually updated.
+ Add some additional code to correct for Mapper module display problems with Tabs and Bootstrap front ends.
~ Update reference to use version 2.1.1 of the Google Cluster Marker javascript code.
+ Fix delete of individual log items from log table.
+ Fix problem of running Akeebasync and compact using IE browser.

IP Mapping 1.2.1

# Fix overlapping of mapper table referrer field over the edges.
# Fix wrong name in front end route parser.
+ Add separate tab in CPanel for credits including translators.
~ Update all copyright year 2014
~ Modify sync process so only required number of days loaded.
~ Ensure admin creation fields populated on sync task.

IP Mapping 1.2.0

~ Code refactoring
+ Add logging option.
+ New cron ability for automating synchronisation task.
# Remove any stray quote marks in city names returned by IP location determination.

IP Mapping 1.1.0

+ Add support for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x in one install.
~ Change use of JRequest to JInput instead.
~ Change deprecated function JRegister getValue to use get instead.
~ Remove redundant CSS from documentation view.
+ Make use of Google Closure Compiler optional.
~ Make the connection to Google Closure Compiler use CURL as default rather than FURLOpen.

IP Mapping 1.0.5

+ Only display Akeeba Sync Icon if Akeeba Admin Tools Pro is installed.
+ Change mapper module to accept parameter to only display the last 'n' days worth of data.

IP Mapping 1.0.4

+ Add integration with Akeeba system restore option.
+ Add ability to provide a tabular list of displayed locations below the map.
# Correct SQL error in Visitors module.

IP Mapping 1.0.3

+ Change to set private IP address details to Unknown.
+ Introduce compaction for location table.
# Fix location sort problem on country name and country code.

IP Mapping 1.0.2

+ Improve security checking.
~ Perform multiple db update when an IP address location is added.

{sliders IP Mapping 1.0.1

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