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The Macrotone Consulting IP Mapping component was created out of a desire to display IP addresses (and their source) on a graphical map to enable easier interpretation of hacking and spamming sources, but extended to a more generic IP mapping usage.

There being nothing suitable already existing it takes the idea from a few modules originally published by www.comlantis.com (now non existing) written by Serdar Gokkus and builds upon that with a full administrative component and integration with the output from Akeeba Admin Tools Web Application Firewall Log. It retains the visitor tracking (which was its original purpose) as written for Joomla 1.5 updated for Joomla 2.5 usage. Later version run upon Joomla 3.3 and above and support HTML5 geolocation determination.

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IP Mapping Overview

The full documentation is shown as web pages upon the site, and is also available as a PDF file, and this document only presents a brief overview of the functionality.

The component consists of an administrative back end and a couple of modules. The administrative back end comprises of the control of the main tables, which are used to hold the details of the IP addresses to be mapped and also the reasons why that are included. The back end component will automatically populate the geographical locations of the IP addresses when they are entered and all that is required is to configure an API key to enable the IPInfoDB to be accessed.

IP addresses can be entered manually, or by importing the IP addresses from a third party component (Akeeba Admin Tools Pro) or via the Visitor Agent module. The Visitor Agent modules need to be configured and placed in a location on your web site. Its placement should be upon every page where visitors are to be tracked. Typically this is in the footer (or header) of the web pages. The agent module will automatically store the geographical locations in the database. It also has the ability to prune the 'visitor' table entries when they exceed a certain age (or number).

The real work of the component is undertaken by the 'Mapping module' which reads the IP addresses from the database and displays them upon the web site. Multiple copies of the the mapper module are possible and configuration is made as to the 'reason' the IP address that are to be mapped. This is a 'multiple' selection of multiple reason types that are to be recorded on the same map if desired.

We trust this brief overview is sufficient to cover the main features of the components and you are requested to look at the full PDF documentation for more information.

If you find this component useful, you are requested to raise a review on the Joomla Extensions Directory, and possibly consider making a donation to assist in providing support and future enhancements.

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Translation Credits

We would like to thank all the people who have donated their time and effort in providing translations for our extensions, either individually or as part of a translation team, so that they may be used by the wider community.

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