Issue Tracker Changelog

This document shows the changes made to each release. Details of changes for releases not yet made publicly available, are the confirmed changes already made for the release although this can not be guaranteed, since problems may be revealed during final testing necessitating changes.

Issue Tracker 1.7.0

- Remove all specific Joomla 2.5 code.
+ New front end router methods supporting improved SEO.
+ Language field added to most issue tracker tables.
+ Multilingual associations added.
+ If specific language notification templates exist and they match a users language preference use it rather than the default.
+ Use Joomla SearchTools instead of individual filters for back end project list.
# Move introductory text message to a language string to support multilingual ability.
+ Add Joomla searchtools to front end issue list display.
# Rework front end issue list query.

Issue Tracker 1.6.11

~ Backport sanmple data handling from 1.7.0
# Change calls to addReplyTo method due to Joomla 3.5.1 changes.
~ Correct trigger creation on it_people table.
# Correct method definition of _getAssetParentId in JTrigger table.
# Fix warning message from back end project list view.

Issue Tracker 1.6.10

# Correct issue checkin/checkout which was not working upon a front end edit. Checkout not occurring.
+ Introduce option to control FE issue admin delete option.
# Add additional check in FE delete if issue is locked out.
# Modify admin notifications for more than one issue administrator.
# Updated XMAP plugin to latest 1.7.0 version.
+ Modify front end issue creation when the captcha challenge fails, populate the previously entered data fields in the re-displayed form.
~ Refine front redirection when issue edit is cancelled.
# Fix installation of tag content entries, preventing use of tags in component.
+ Permit tags to be added to an issue in the front end.
# Correct handling of detection of super users in sample data addition and removal.
# Remove attachments from file system when issue is deleted.
# Correct query getting assignee details for the cron email fetch tasks.
+ Added call to run Content plugins on issue description and progress text fields in front end.
- Remove progress field from the list of displayed fields in front end issue lists.
- Remove duplicated credit information.
~ Update copyright year to 2016
# Correct attachments file path width in back end view.

Issue Tracker 1.6.9

+ New email tags changed_by_fullname and changed_by_username for email templates.
# Correct sending of assignee emails when identifier edits an issue in the front end (to add more information).
# Fix handling of custom fields in front end on issue save.
+ Permit access rules to apply to Custom Fields contained within email templates.

Issue Tracker 1.6.8

~ Add check for REPORT tag in message template bodies, where it is not valid.
~ Change translator credits to link to a site article instead of being hard coded in the release.
! Remove Akeeba restore points since it is no longer supported by Akeeba in Joomla 3.4 and above.
# Correct language string used for autoclose status check. Missing underscore in string.
# Correct back end sort of in issue list on project field.
# Fix handling of phone key from profile in system plugin.
# Fix handling of email updates for issues.
+ Add debug logging parameter to display more specific debugging messages in log.
+ New XMAP plugin added for site map generation.
# Modify cron handling to handle alternative alias formats.
# Fix checking of custom fields access levels in FE edit form.
+ Add ability to specify the default progress record access, published state and privacy defaults.
# Fix problem with captcha not being checked on front end issue form submission.
# Modify BE issue list view so that 'private' issues can not be published in line with issue model.
# Modify issue list controller to filter out private issues for publish status so that change counts are correct.
# Allow for archive state value of 2 where it was formally -1. Both are now allowed for.
# Fix problem in FE when unpublished issue state being changed to published when the component default is published.
# Fix date display to allow for server offset in email messages and log display.
# Correct display of assignee name in FE form.
# Modify 'relaxed' scheduled email update detection of issue number in mail header.
# Change checks on 'assigned_to' field on issue save.

Issue Tracker 1.6.7

# Fix update of alias upon issue save if one of the alternative formats chosen.
~ Change system plugin to use default notification values in synchronised users.
# Correct logic on call to message sending when alternative alias type used.
+ Complete implementation of access level controls upon custom fields.
~ Prevent error message in log about SMS configuration if we are not sending SMS anyway!
# Progress record update message not clear enough and missing issue number in log.
+ Add ability to specify custom fields in email template bodies.
~ Increase size of email template subject line to 64 characters.
+ Add ability to send an auto-close message to the user when an issue is auto closed by the cron task. Also provide new auto-close message template.
+ If Joomla user profile is enabled and phone number is a valid specification, synchronise with it_people table in system plugin.
+ Add alternative alias formats support to cron email fetch tasks.
# Correct a couple of malformed language strings.
+ Add check feature for issue identifier notification setting when an issue is edited/created by an issue admin/staff in the front end.
+ Add additional check in auto-close task to ensure that closed status and customer waiting status are not identical.
+ New message template for Issue Summary Report.
+ New message template for Issue Overdue Report.

Issue Tracker 1.6.6

# Fix back end Ajax sort of projects.
~ Modify compound key on it_people person_name and email fields to be 240 chars together on new installs. Existing installs stay as they are.
~ Change People table phone index so that it is not a unique index.
~ Update copyright year to 2015
# Fix problem saving of a custom field group.
# Fix problem of install text not expanding out on a fresh install.
# Fix custom field group cancel in form.
~ Display published field as an option in custom field group item display.
~ Modify credits so that they have a link to the Transifex profile. Joomla 3 only.
# Fix SQL error on new installs.

Issue Tracker 1.6.5

~ Remove last traces of all JRequest and $app->getCfg() usages which are deprecated.
~ Modify back end list views to use drag and drop ordering. (Joomla 3.3)
~ Modify back end item views to make better use of the page and standard Joomla layouts.
~ Modify display size of description field in back end item views for Type, Priorities, Status etc.
# Fix display of custom fields in back end edit when we have an already defined field to remove unwanted fields.
~ Change front end project drop down list to only display projects for which the user has access.
~ Update credits with new translations (Catalan, Chinese (Taiwan), Slovak and Swedish).
+ Add new feature to define different issue types per project. Joomla 3.3 only.
+ Add new feature to download issue attachments in the front end. See documentation for details and implications.
+ Add new identified_date filter to front end issue list. Only shown if identified_date is also shown.
~ New interface to AcySMS to permit sending of SMS notifications.
# Fix situation where a user update email notification was not being sent.
# Fix display of custom fields when only one project is specified on the create menu item which is not the default project.
# Fix form generated code when custom fields loaded from Ajax call.
+ Add ability to have multiple checkbox custom fields.
+ Removed last references to JParameter (it was removed in Joomla! 3.4 alpha)

Issue Tracker 1.6.4

~ Only display advanced audit tab in back end if advanced auditing is enabled. Also controls display of trigger creation icon in Control Panel.
~ Add additional checks to front end form for the strange situation where user profile has the editor field missing.
# Correct display of custom field error reports. Mainly applicable to Joomla 3.x but involved a rewrite of some common code.
# Fix display of progress data in issue display in front end. Test was incorrect.
~ Add some additional checks for embedded https addresses in cron email. Also provide some optional messages on invalid words and links counts in email messages.
+ Add new checks to ensure access field is set for saving of progress data in issue save.
+ Add export functionality of Issues to create a cvs file in the back end. Joomla 3.x only.
~ Supply defaults for back end access settings for issues and progress records. Formally left to default.
~ Modify URL link in emailed issue messages to remove menu id.
# Fix front end issue selector for non published issues when being viewed by the original issue identifier.
~ Added log display to side panel for Joomla 3.x to make selection easier.
+ Add an optional control for the display of the project filter in front end issue list.
# Fix ordering direction parameter pickup in front end issue list.
+ Add quote checks around saving progress field in front end issue save method.
+ Add issue number above tabs in back end issue edit for existing, not a new issue.
# Correct default issue privacy flag when default if set to private in front end.
# Correct pagination in front end list views for Joomla 3.3.
~ Change email routine such that only the last progress record is sent rather than all of the progress records for an issue.
~ Change email routine (updates) such that the identifier is sent private as well as public progress records. Formally only progress records marked as public were emailed.
~ Continued update of phpDoc comments and code clean up.

Issue Tracker 1.6.3

# Fix undefined variable $isadmin in front end issue view.
# Fix undefined variable in front end issue model SQL statement identified_by. At same time refine query to handle registered user access of public or private issues.
# Fix line up of front end issue items seen in Joomla 3.3
~ Change redirection to calling page if the issue creation is cancelled. Formally returned to the home page.
# Fix test that checks for a change in visibility from public to private and which changes the published state to unpublished to work correctly.
# Fix PHP error in dates helper file.
~ Add additional checks around the use of an editor in the front end form.
~ Update translation credits
+ Add option to display issue status in Latest Issues Module. Also make display of close date an option.
~ Make specification of single person mandatory in the front end menu item. Also add additional check in view itself.
# Fix popup issue view in Latest Issues Module.
+ New option to display issue type in front end list displays.
+ Extra checks for database log_bin setting turned on, SUPER privilege and log_bin_trust_function_creators setting.
~ Modify icon settings for delete icon for Joomla 3.x.
# Correct return address when an issue is deleted in the front end. It cannot return to the issue display since we have deleted it, so display home page.
~ Only display attachments tab in back end if attachments are enabled. Also checks if IMAP attachments are enabled.

Issue Tracker 1.6.2

+ Add ability to specify additional parameters on mail fetch task to specify a mail server user and password, and the default project.
# Fix adding of blank lines when progress information added to table. Impacts front end and back end.
# Fix display of unpublished custom fields in back end when an issue is created.
~ Alter scheduled sending of summary and overdue reports to not send reports if email notification flag not set.
~ Change so that username is always generated when saving a user if not specified (when creating an issue).
~ Change redirection so that it displays the 'newly' created issue when issue is created in front end.
~ Modify front end behaviour such that a guest user raising an issue will not see it unless it is published. i.e. The default issue state is published.
# Fix strange looping problem seen on one system caused by a suspected PHP 5.3 bug.
# Fix SQL error when displaying staff assigned issues list in front end.
+ Add option to specify an alternative (simpler) issue number (alias).
~ Handle situation where a request to view an invalid issue results in issue not found more gracefully in front end.
# Fix log list view check all toggle.
# Fix single project menu view not passing project id to view.
# Fix custom field drop down selection not picking up correct value.
~ Permit issue admin and staff member to ignore published state of an issue in the front end and to see the details.
# Fix front end projects list view links for Joomla 3.x.
~ Change placement of audit panel in back end progress edit.
# Correct project filter in front end issue list where all projects are displayable.
# Correct check for time added to date fields.
~ Change calendar fields all date fields are stored in the database as UTC and displayed in the appropriate time zone.
+ New date helper file for handling time zone conversions.
~ Modify handling of issue target resolution date field.
+ Add getStateQuery override routine to Issue Tracker finder plugin.
~ Simplify back end audit template files to remove duplication.
# Issue privacy field missing from Joomla 3.3 view.
+ Add issue privacy check into front end issue fetch.
~ Modify project drop down list to only display published and unpublished project.
~ Modify front end issue and project lists so that staff as well as admin can see unpublished projects in the project drop down list.
~ Modify front end issue display so that admin and staff can view progress information irrespective of component setting.

Issue Tracker 1.6.1

# Fix saving of an issue in back end on Joomla 3.x systems.
# Fix handling of ISO-8859-2 characters for cron email fetching.
# Fix searching in pactions.
# Fix missing issue alias in progress records in back end on Joomla 3.x systems
+ Add auto close cron task.
~ Update translation credits
~ Change value for JQuery location to remove http: prefix, so that it works with https accessed sites.
~ Change drop down list for users to include email address so that it is easier to identify users since username is not unique.
+ Add filter of email addresses to scheduled email fetch task to help eliminate SPAM.

Issue Tracker 1.6.0

+ Add ability to have custom fields for issues.
~ Change progress recording such that progress information is stored in its own table.
~ Change code to allow for changes in Joomla 3.2 API relating to redirection.~ Review usage of strings in admin side of the site.
~ Remove restriction on only permitting one file to be attached in the front end.
+ Include the attachments present on an issue in the front end edit form, if attachments are enabled.
~ Only display Issue Resolution in front end if there is a resolution to display. i.e. Open issues will not display resolution details.
+ Add ability for an attachment to have a user provided title.

Issue Tracker 1.5.2

~ Change copyright notice to 2014.
# Fix additional of additional information by identifier in front end.
# Fix reset of state flag on issue in front end on non-closed issues.
# Correct return address in front end when using IIS web server.
# Correct erroneous semi colons in language strings.
# Correct determination of anonymous user id.
~ Update hathor templates overrides used within Joomla 3.2
+ Add a default assignee for each project.
~ Change front end issue save such that project defined assignee is checked prior to component default assignee.

Issue Tracker 1.5.1

# Fix save of issues in front end
# Fix specification of update servers in xml file.
~ Update credits in CPanel by adding a new tab.
# Correct default setting of resolution date in front end, if not explicitly specified.
~ Use custom string for tags instead of JGLOBAL.
# Correct logic error in usage of global notifications setting in front end.

Issue Tracker 1.5.0

~ Combine Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.2 versions into a single branch.
+ Add Advanced Change history auditing option.
+ Add optional filter to front end people list display.
~ Code inspection resulting in cleaner code, CSS etc.
~ Latest Issues module included in standard distribution.
# Fix sorting on id in log display.
# Fix save of new projects on some Joomla installations.
# Correct Admin project save method.
# Correct project state filter.
+ Add PHP CLI Cron tasks.
+ Add Front end invoked CRON tasks.

Issue Tracker 1.4.2

~ Change all references to JRequest to use JInput instead.
# Remove stray quote mark stopping finder plugin working.
# Correct use of assigned_to field in front end form preventing issue save.
# Fix a few 'new' Strict standards messages.
# Fix saving problem where project name not displayed in front end form.
~ Move documentation panel CSS to stylesheet.
+ Add additional check for project in issue list.
~ Modify check for display of project filter in issue list.
# Modify CSS for site table display text overflow problem.
+ New checks on database privileges to control database procedure, trigger and view objects.
# Correct assigned project when people are changed to CEO or Manager.
# Remove last traces of use of nameQuote and replace with quoteName. Impacts Search and site Routing.
# Fix back end fetch of default project.
+ Add option to front end people list to show only staff/admin, also make project display optional.
~ Modify views so that all time are shown as user time zone as configured in global configuration and user information respectively.
# Fix use of undefined constant DS in sef extension.

Issue Tracker 1.4.1

~ Release for Joomla 3.1.5
~ Change Tags implementation to use observer classes.
~ Implement all features of release 1.3.3 (Joomla 2.5 release version.)
~ Clean up installer.
+ Add Latest Issues Module into installer so it is installed automatically.
~ Modify page title when editing an existing issue. Modifies a couple of strings.

Issue Tracker 1.4.0

~ Changes to support Joomla 3.1.
+ Implement published flag on issue display for attachments.
+ Permit editing of attachments from issue display.
+ Integrate Joomla 3.1 Tag support to issues and projects.
+ Add Hathor template overrides.

Issue Tracker 1.3.4

# Correct use of assigned_to field in front end form preventing save of an issue.
~ Move documentation panel CSS to stylesheet.
# Fix saving problem where project name not displayed in front end form.
+ Add additional check for project in issue list.
# Modify check for display of project filter in issue list.
# Modify CSS for site table display text overflow problem.
# Fix back end fetch of default project.
+ Add option to front end people list to show only staff/admin, also make project display optional.
~ Modify views so that all times are shown as user time zone as configured in global configuration and user information respectively.

Issue Tracker 1.3.3

~ Change issue list front end display so that project filter is automatically displayed if required. Remove menu option.
~ Modify installation script now that finder language work around is not required.
~ Modify front end issue model to use any overridden language strings for optional product details panel.
~ Split General component settings into two separate tabs, one for component defaults and the rest in the current tab.
+ Add option to enable issue list to display only assigned to the logged in user.
+ Add routine to installer to remove old obsolete files.
+ Permit staff users to those who can edit non-closed issues on the front end, formally only available to issue administrators.
+ Add ability for an issue administrator to delete issues from the front end.
+ Add check for the email template and log an error if not found.
+ Add option to allow closed issues to be reopened by the raising user or by 'staff' members. Issue administrators are exempt from this check.
+ Add access field to issues table and implement control on issues and projects table.

Issue Tracker 1.3.2

# Fix display of assigned to user in front end displays.
# Fix check on public flag key existing in back end issues model.
# Fix the div's in the front end form.
# Fix switch statement in front end itpeoplelist.
# Fix sorting fields in front end issue list.
# Correct finder and search plugin queries for project_name.
~ Change finder plugin to display users name rather than their username.
~ Change finder and search plugins not to display issues marked private.
~ Change checks for issues assigned to Anonymous user in back end. Also refine front end checks for the same.
~ Change issue sample data empty strings to null.
~ Modified parameter to show child links for projects, so that component options are used for issue lists.
~ Change redirection from front end edit form to calling location.
~ Modify display of front end form public/private field, also make the display of the field dependant upon selected options.
~ Back port front end list sort fix from rel 1.4.0.
~ Refine front end issue list display so filters work for issue administrators.
~ Modify issue list menu so that status is a multiple select field.
+ Add extra email check so that raising user is not notified if they are also the assigned person upon an issue update.
+ Add additional filter for front end issue list for project.
+ Add additional filter for assigned staff in front end issue list.
+ Add option for display of a create icon on the front end issue list displays.
+ Add small icon to right of issue title in front end issue list display.
+ Add purge button to itissuelog back end view.

Issue Tracker 1.3.1

~ Change default asset names for it projects in asset table to be in same format as issues.
~ Change use of getEscaped() to escape().
~ Change JView to be JViewLegacy (attachments).
~ Fix check for logging in send_email routine. Also use line strip for log list display.
# Correct deletion of projects by ensuring assetname is correct.
# Correct filters in administrators people list view.
- Remove save and copy option from attachment back end edit view.
+ Add ability to download attachment(s) to back end issue edit view.
~ Fix display of created by user in back end attachments view.
+ Add integration with Akeeba System restore operation.
~ Change sh404SEF plugin so that the limit and limitstart URL variables are visible to ensure correct list pages are displayed.
- Remove fixed width on issue list for description and resolution fields.

Issue Tracker 1.3.0

+ Add log facility for Issue Tracker messages to a database table.
+ Set the time element to the current time for the identified date and actual resolution date when the calendar drop down is used.
+ Add colour coding for issue priorities in back end.
+ Add public/private flag to issues table.
+ Change project table to be a nested structure.
+ Permit frontend css overrides from template directory.
+ Control display of individual audit fields in issue list display.
+ Add identified date and actual resolution date to option display fields in Admin Issue list.
+ Add requested ability on Issue creation form to restrict projects that may be chosen.
+ Add requested option to be able to hide the Issue Details section on the issue creation form.
+ Add filters for status, priority and issue type to front end issues list display.
+ Change Issue progress field from Varchar(4000) to Mediumtext.
+ Add issue attachments facility.
- Removed duplicate images directory from install script as they are now centralised in media directory.
~ Complete changes to routine calls to meet PHP Strict Standards.
# Correct the update of actual resolution time when closing an issue in the back end.
# Correct coding error where the wrong issues were being selected for the issue list display.
# Fix problem when a newly registered user has previously raised issues as a guest, and unregistered users are configured.
# Add language string for Menu descriptions.
# Correct checks for user to edit their own issue in the front end.
# Correct installation error when Mysqli database connection configured.
# Correct menu for single project view to expand out project selection list.
# Correct situation where FE issue not saved for a guest user when the supplied (guest) username is already in use.

Issue Tracker 1.2.2

+ Added option to make display of Unassigned issues in Control Panel optional.
# Correct update server definition to use 'extension' rather than 'collection'.
# Fix checking of default assignee which was preventing the saving of issues if the default was used.
~ Changed ordering display in Issue Summary report in Control Panel to be by the project ordering column ascending.
~ Changed default ordering of issue list in administrator to be descending rather than ascending.

Issue Tracker 1.2.1

+ Provide ability to sort the issues, people and project lists in the front end.
+ Provide optional parameter to provide some introductory text on the Create of an Issue in the front end form.
+ Added Akismet spam checking for front end input text fields.
+ Add optional field display in Administrator list display.
+ Additional logic checks for default assignee.
# Correct removal of #__it_emails table when component uninstalled.
# Correct default settings for issue 'identified by' and 'assigned to' fields preventing issue saving is some circumstances.
# Correct details of issue assignee in notifications emails.
# Correct problem on Joomla versions before 2.5.6 which prevented the component running.
# Fix menu item query for creating single project menu item.
# Correct language text in administrators com_issuetracker.ini file preventing translations on some sites.
# Correct logic for sending notifications to registered users.
# Change front end form layout so that it displays the same in all browser.
# Change link information for front end issue edit form, which was generating a 404 message on some systems.
~ Changed logic such that a default issue assignee is only assigned if defined correctly. i.e. Is a staff member.
~ Reverted back to redirection if an attempt is made to 'create an issue' and the user is not authorised. This is the release 1.1.0 action re-implemented.

Issue Tracker 1.2.0

+ Added ability to have a non-registered person within Issue Tracker.
+ Provided ability in admin people list view for active 'issue admin' and 'notification' changing.
+ Add ability to add image attachments for registered to issues via use of WYSIWYG editors. i.e. JCE, JCK etc.
+ Reworked email option to provide configurable templates.
+ Add ability for registered users and issue administrators to edit issues in the front end.
+ Add new staff field to people table.
~ Changed front end entry form to display defaults rather just the select list.
~ Changed some routine calls to meet PHP Strict Standards.
~ Changed to use JHtml tabs instead of JPane following Joomla Framework.
~ Corrected a few strings that were not making use of language settings.
~ Updated version of ALU version 1.1.
~ Issue sample data modified so that all sample issues are un-assigned.
~ Changed issue assignment so that only staff members can be assigned issues. Also implies that staff members should be registered which is enforced by a foreign key.
# Fix changing of publishing state in admin project list view.
# Fix code for displaying a single project, issue or person in the front end.
# Fix display of project name in front end issue display where sub-projects are used.
# Resolve a small problem with the breadcrumbs navigation for the form and itissue displays.
# Correct problem of name field occurring twice in people edit view.
# Fix problem when items not published were selectable in the drop down lists.
# Fix sort problems in back end list views.
# Fix search problem with issue list view.
# Fix string naming in options panel.
# Fix loading (and unloading) of sample data on new installs of Joomla 2.5.4 and above.
- Remove time element from Cpanel summary reports.
# Correct plug-in installation text when plug-ins not installed.
# Corrected display of target completion date for an issue.
+ Dutch-Netherlands translation as a separate download provided thanks to Imke Philipoom.
- Brazilian-Portuguese translation now provided as a separate download rather than included in the release.

Issue Tracker 1.1.0

+ Added new default_status and default priority options
+ Added an issue type descriptor. This describes the issue type. i.e. Defect, Suggestion, Documentation etc.
+ Added logic to set an issue target date if it is not set, or if it is greater than that of the associated project, to that of the project.
+ New menu option to set whether the issue list only displays the logged in users raised issues.
+ New filter options for people and project list displays.
+ New ordering and published fields in people table.
+ New configuration option for identified by field used for issues raised by guest users.
+ Added Joomla checking control for multi-user access of Issue Tracker items
~ Changed included version of ALU to version 1.1.
~ Changed form verification checks to allow for multi-language.
~ Reworked forms displays using JForms.
~ Standardised on name and description field sizes.
# Corrected the names of a few database constraints.
# Corrected display of issue status in issue displays.
# Correct ordering options in projects and issues list displays.
# Fix plugin error JParameter not defined.
# Correct save problem with Chrome browser.
+ Brazilian-Portuguese translation provided thanks to Carlos Rodrigues de Souza.

Issue Tracker 1.0.1

+ Added a default role option for setting user role when they are added to the system.
# Corrected setting of default role for a new user to make use of the new option default.
# Corrected front end form display which caused an Error 500 on some systems.
# Corrected undefined variable in back end issues display.
# Corrected email check in back end people editor.
# Corrected project tree hierarchy determination.
~ Changed raising of Server Error 403 on access to front end form to displaying a message on their current screen asking the user to login or register.
# Corrected call to synchronise users.
+ Added this Change log.
+ Added a configuration option to control the display of the Joomla version details etc. on the front end issue entry form.
+ New options to specify initial letter of generated issue number on front end and back end of site.
+ Additional options to control display of issue fields in front end displays.
+ Added a check that there are issues associated with a project before it is shown in the Issue summary report.

Issue Tracker 1.0.0

+ Initial Release

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