Rialto Changelog

This document shows the changes made to each release. Details of changes for releases not yet made publicly available, are the confirmed changes already made for the release although this can not be guaranteed, since problems may be revealed during final testing necessitating changes.

Rialto 1.3.1

+ Add ability for a guest user to contact the entry vendor via an email.
# Fix default published value not being picked up correctly in front end.
~ Add some conditionals checks to the code to get Joomla 3.4 working with categories subscriptions.
~ Code cleanup of front end entry display.
- Remove Mootools option since jQuery is now the preferred Joomla method.
- Remove Slimbox v1 js file used by Mootools, since we use Slimbox 2 with JQuery.
# Correct width display of front end contact message box to 95% of width.
# Change front end entry vendor email address, if shown, to not display as a link.
+ Add ability to display a Google Map for an entry if required address details are provided.
# Correct Rokbox data-set used by Rokbox 2 in entry image display.
# Fix problem with search query cause by entry headline column rename.
# Modify email sender to avoid problem seen with Mail server silently ignoring invalid sender addresses.

Rialto 1.3.0

+ Add ability for a user to subscribe to one or more Rialto categories to receive email upon new and/or updated entries in those categories.
# Fix front end pagination display which was displaying vertically and not horizontally.
~ Change to use entry edit form from the Rialto Top menu instead of old view.
# Correct front end user reactivation check.
+ Enable message header and footer text to be a language string. A language override permits multilingual sites to define appropriate text for each language.
# Change the name of the entry table column headline to title to enable ACL settings to work as intended.
# Update ACL strings used in back end.
# Fix uninstall problem not removing categories table.
~ Modify a few remaining configuration options to use radio buttons rather than drop down lists.
# Fix problem setting an entry to unpublished in the front end if the component default was set to published.
~ Update jQuery to use 1.12.4 as a default if it has to be loaded.

Rialto 1.2.2

# Prevent non Rialto user from being presented with edit, creation, their entries list and profile views.
+ Add new option to set default published state for an entry.
# Editing user field in back end is not saved and gives a message about email field being required.
# Adding new user was failing due to need to specify an existing id field.
~ Modify forms to use new selectcountry form field in front and back end.
# Number of ads for a new user incorrectly set on back end save.

Rialto 1.2.1

~ Move ucm content removal to table classes.
~ Update copyright year to 2016
# Fix HTML boxes stripping out codes.
# Modify some strings structures. Thanks to Lukasz Dylewski.
~ Change default character set to utf8mb4 and collation to utf8mb4_unicode_ci to match Joomla 3.5
- Remove meta table.
# Correct error introduced by Joomla 3.5.1 JMail change (addReplyTo).
~ Rework mail send to use exception handling.
~ Add option to control whether new users are automatically added to the Rialto users table.
~ Change admin user view to permit selection of Joomla users able to use Rialto.
~ Change a few hardcoded strings to language string varables.# Correct setting of user id in front end entryform.
# Temporarily disable entry permissions tab in back end until rework of the table is performed.
# Correct determination of change state ACL permission in front end entryform.
# Correct obtaining of id in front end mailing routine.
~ Only display front end contact mail form if we are not the entry owner.
# Correct breadcrumb link shown on front end index when redirected.
# Correct redirection when cancelling out of a front end edit using the form.

Rialto 1.2.0

# Add missing expired string description.
+ Add support for Joomla Tags.
# Modify breadcrumb display in front end to include parent categories.
- Remove Akeeba restore points from xml file.
# Modify front end entry creation and edit displays to use JForm.
# Get version number from manifest rather than meta table.
# Increase permissions check using more ACL settings.
# Fix categories rebuild in back end.
# Fix front end search plugin invalid field text error.

Rialto 1.1.0A

# Correct display of published flag in modal displays so that they line up, rather than being displaced.
+ Add update site details.
# Correct SQL install script which was preventing a fresh install. Zip created and released as 1.1.0A.

Rialto 1.1.0

+ New option to control placement of breadcrumbs in front end displays.
+ Add option to load videos with entry. Utube and Vimeo supported. Also adds code to check that the specified video exists, both upon saving or updating but also upon entry display.
# Correct category image display in front end entry view.
~ Change front end redirects to return to the entry view rather than the index page on update, save and reactive success.
~ Modify front end category list to add a dash for each sub level before the category name.
+ New option to modify category front end drop down list to indicate the specific level where the category is situation.
+ New language fields added to support full multilingual ability.
# Correct problem preventing deletion of categories.
~ Modify front end entry display to make better use of display if no images or videos provided for the entry.

Rialto 1.0.0

+ Initial Release

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