IP Mapping

ipmappingA component (and modules) to show IP addresses on a Google Map.

Language Packs

Language translations for IP Mapping component are submitted by third parties to whom all credit and many thanks are given.

See Transifex Translations for download links for complete and partial translations.

Macrotone IP Mapping component provides a mechanism for displaying IP addresses upon Google Maps.

Note that v1.4.2 has been tested upon the current Joomla version 3.5.1.

It uses Google Map API V3 and the IP geolocation API of IPInfoDB. In some circumstances the IPInfoDB information is not available and in these instances it obtains the IP geolocation from Geobytes as a backup.

There are four distinct means of deriving the IP addresses to map:
1. Manual entry of an IP address.
2. Obtain IP addresses from Akeeba Admin Tools Pro Web Application Firewall (if installed).
3. IP addresses of site visitors.
4. Browser HTML5 geolocation.

Also has the ability to use a cron entry to synchronise with Akeeba Admin Tools Log.

This update allows for Joomla 3.5 includes the markercluster javascript within the distribution and also adds the ability to specify Google Maps API keys.

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