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Add password generation option New option to permit users to use a supplied password generator to provide a password that meets the site requirements. AXYQ5A684B Geoffrey Chapman 2013-07-01 Password Control - System Plugin - Rel 0.1.0 Enhancement Low Tested on Joomla 2.5.14 and Joomla 3.1.5
Typo in check for admin generate button usage. There is a dash (-) instead of an underscore (_) in the password generator check for placement in the back end Edit User form. AVSBLXOO32 Geoffrey Chapman 2013-08-22 Password Control - System Plugin - Rel 0.1.0 Defect Medium Fixed and repacked zip file.
Table cells overlapping in jchanges view. Classic problem just seen on a long text field. ZNGT67GM45 Geoffrey Chapman 2013-10-05 JAudit - Rel 1.0.0 Defect Low Ready for next release.
Need to add checks for Joomla 3.2 PHPass usage. Joomla 3.2 changed the default to use strong encryption using PHPass. Also check the two factor authentication to see if we need to make allowance. AG368VZJXE Geoffrey Chapman 2013-11-08 Password Control - System Plugin - Rel 0.1.1 Enhancement Medium Preparing for release. Note that initially the match with 'old' passwords, to see if they have been previously used will fail, since they will be in the 'old' format. This means that password reuse will be possible for a while, until such time as the user has changed their password the specified number of times and all 'new' passwords will have been stored in the new format, prefixed with $P$. Also the database password checking has been disabled in this release, instead relying upon the PHP methods. This will be revisited in a later release.
Permit the use of CURL rather than URL_FOPEN. There is a potential security risk in using allow_url_fopen and it might be better to use CURL instead, CRITAIRBB7 Klaus Gebhardt 2014-05-28 IP Mapping - Rel 1.2.2 Enhancement Medium Ready for release 1.2.3.
Additional options to control the display of the table fields. Additional options to control the display of the table fields below the map would be useful when the width of the module display is limited. C6H1AOBMBO Klaus Gebhardt 2014-05-28 IP Mapping - Rel 1.2.2 Enhancement Medium Implemented in release 1.2.3
Separate out bot specs Provide a new table for the adding and control bots by the visitor agent module CADWQSECZL Geoffrey Chapman 2014-05-28 IP Mapping - Rel 1.2.2 Enhancement Medium Tested and ready for 1.2.3 release.
Observed Clustering issue when a mapping display is left for long periods of time. i.e. Several hours.?

This was created from an email discussion and is described in more detail in the progress records.

CSD4GU49MW Klaus Gebhardt 2014-06-03 IP Mapping - Rel 1.2.2 Defect Low

Rewrote mapping module to have clustering issue. Ready for release 1.3.1.

Recording a visitor for multiple pages

From an email discussion

C6SD68I6TQ Klaus Gebhardt 2014-06-03 IP Mapping - Rel 1.2.2 Suggestion Medium

Implemented in 1.3.0 and tested out OK.

Update password checks for new encryption mechanisms J3.3.

Joomla 3.3 has changed to using BCrypt as an option. Need to modify the password checks for this and verify the others as well.

WYBXRPUDT9 Geoffrey Chapman 2014-06-24 Password Control - System Plugin - Rel 0.1.1 Enhancement Medium

Tested and ready for 0.1.2 release.

Allow Joomla 3.x force password change to be handled.

New feature in back end to force a user to change their password is not picked up and handled as a forced change.

WIZOLDFPLD Geoffrey Chapman 2014-06-25 Password Control - System Plugin - Rel 0.1.1 Enhancement Medium

Implemented in 0.1.2 but not sure that Joomla 3.3 itself handles it successfully.

Improve database privilege checks for TRIGGER creation.

Add enhancement for checking database privileges as implemented in Issue Tracker 1.6.3

WCNP8KUQVU Geoffrey Chapman 2014-07-18 JAudit - Rel 1.0.0 Defect Low

Ready for 1.0.1 release.

Problem with jQuery.ui Dialog window and Bootstrap 3 template using 'mmenu'.

There is a conflict with the jQuery-ui dialog window on Bootsrrap 3 based templates making use of the 'mmenu' code. The Dialog window is displayed but there is no way in which any of the dialog windiow buttons can be invoked. All that one can do is completely refresh the page to get back to the previous page.

Note this is not a problem with Bootstrap templates not using the 'mmenu' code.

W4OFI24ZQ2 Geoffrey Chapman 2014-08-01 Password Control - System Plugin - Rel 0.1.1 Defect Medium

Tested out successfully now in release 0.1.2.

Extend 'exemption rules' to permit exempt users to be able to reuse 'old' passwords.

Current exemption rules only cover the 'forcing' of exempt users from having to change their passwords perdiodically. It would be nice to allow them to use their existing password again.

CGCJ7S8TPK Geoffrey Chapman 2014-08-12 Password Control - System Plugin - Rel 0.1.1 Enhancement Low

Available in release 0.1.2.

Option to force a new email at initial password change.

Some components such as eshop virtuemart, have a situation where cosmetics saloons will give their customers free logins. This there are a created number of logins with usernames such as the name of salon + number of client, password 12345 and with a created email like

We want to force customer to change their password (via the Password Control Plugin), and have an option that will force the mandatory email change on first login. We do believe that all customer will change email because they will overlook it

I think we will not use this option in any other occasion, only first login. A check for the previous email is not needed, only for existing email, since this should be handle directly in joomla.

WO3ZOGL2IO Geoffrey Chapman 2015-04-10 Password Control - System Plugin - Rel 0.1.2 Enhancement Medium

In release 0.1.3

Add ability to download change records as a CSV file.

Provide an option to be able to download the displayed change records either as a CSV file or as a compressed Zip file.

WD7DKRY1MA Geoffrey Chapman 2015-06-10 JAudit - Rel 1.0.1 Enhancement Medium

Option available for next release which is expected to be version 1.1.0.

Delete allowed when record is locked

On the FE an admin user will be allowed to Delete an Issue even when the record is locked for Editing. As a secondary enhancement request, I would love to be able to prevent the Delete option from being see on the FE, either as a global setting, or on a per-menu item basis. As it stands, I can prevent the Delete option in the Global settings but then it prevents me from permanently deleting items when logged into the Back End as well. I can trash items, I just can't delete them from Trash. This isn't a big issue for me since I don't really plan to delete any valid requests once they are entered into the system. It is more of a minor inconvenience during testing.

WMZSFQT45A Michael Ronayne 2015-08-24 Issue Tracker - Rel 1.6.11 Defect High
Update latest issues module to display private issues.

Raised from forum entry.

V1GYPBEMQ5 Geoffrey Chapman 2016-01-11 Issue Tracker - Rel 1.7.0 Enhancement Medium

Coded and tested against 1.7.0.

Correct mailing problem introduced by Joomla 3.5.1 update

Joomla 3.5.1 changed the JMail API calls to addReplyTo method. Need to change calls to the method.

See forum for details.

VCPWCMMHPH Geoffrey Chapman 2016-04-14 Issue Tracker - Rel 1.7.0 Other Low

Tested and working fine on our site using 1.6.10 as the base/.

Problems with audit trigger on it_people table

The it_people table has an alias field that is currently not used, but as a consequence the audit trigger generation used it as the row_key_link field. This then causes the trigger to fail since the value is always null.

VBEJK4QUFV Geoffrey Chapman 2016-04-23 Issue Tracker - Rel 1.6.10 Defect Medium

Raised as a forum problem, and code supplied in the forum answer.

Tested and implemented in next release.

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