Timesheet view

The time individual display is shown in the section below. Depending upon whether the viewer is the 'owner' of the timesheet or whether they are an 'approver' of a timesheet, will determine whether the option to 'Approve' the sheet and enter 'Administrator comments' are displayed. If the 'owner' of the timesheet then the user will be presented with a field to enter their own comments.

Figure 2.20. Timesheet view

User Timesheet View

One will notice the small carat icon on the top right hand side of the screen. If the user clicks upon the icon then a number of additional options will be shown as unillustrated below. These will enable the user to either 'Print', 'Edit' or 'Email' the timesheet. The Edit icon will only be presented and permit editing of the timesheet if the viewer is the 'owner' of the timesheet and if the timesheet has not been locked or approved.


If the timesheet is already approved then editing is not possible, either by the user or an 'approver'.

The users timesheet view is shown below.

Figure 2.21. User Timesheet view

User Timesheet View

If an 'approver' viewing the timesheet and the timesheet is not already 'Approved' then a button will be shown allowing the approver to access the 'form'. [This is really just an alternative means for the approver to access the edit form.]

Figure 2.22. Approvers Timesheet View

Approvers Timesheet View

See below for more specific detail upon the Print option.

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