Back End Screens

The back end screen follow current Joomla standard and will be familiar to Joomla administrator and other users of our components. The back end of the site is where the administrative tasks are performed.


The Control Panel also known as the Dashboard, is the usual starting point and one can navigate to the other screens from this point.

Figure 2.6. Dashboard


The Dashboard, also known as the Control Panel, is the main landing page in the back end for the component. It is illustrated in the image above. It is composed of a few parts, the most obvious being the icons which allow navigation to the users, timesheets, timecodes and support pages. On the right hand side of the page is the 'About' and Credits panels. The About panel is illustrated below. As one can see it provides a link to a display of the component changelog, and a Donate button to permit support for the further development of the component.

Figure 2.7. About Panel

About Panel

The credits Panel, acknowledges the work of others which we have used in the component and also the translations that are available. Initially this will be a very short list but hopefully the list will grow over time as the component matures. Translations are created upon the Transifex system and we welcome any translations that users might wish to submit.

Figure 2.8. Credits Panel

Credits Panel

The credits panel information is obtained from our web site so should always reflect the latest languages available.

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