Macrotone Issue Tracker Guide

Geoffrey S. Chapman

Macrotone Consulting UK Ltd.

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license can be found on-line at

August 2015

Revision History
Revision 1.6.8August 2015 Geoffrey S. Chapman


This book covers the use of the Macrotone Issue Tracker component which allows you to control issues or problem reports on your Joomla!™-powered web sites.

Table of Contents

I. Macrotone Issue Tracker
1. Overview
2. Installation
3. Configuration
Component Options
General Options
Spam Security Options
Issue Option Rules
Message Options
Cron Control Options
List Control Options
Front End Options
Attachment Options
Log Control Options
Advanced Audit Options
Permission Options
4. Usage
Back End Screens
Help Icon
Control Panel
Control Panel Screens
Issue Types
Message Templates
Custom Fields and Custom Fields Group Tabs
Support Tab
Documentation Tab
Front End Screens
Create an Issue - Guest User
Registered Users Create an Issue
Front End Issue List Screen
Front End Issue Detail Screen
Front End Issue Edit Screens
Front End Project List.
Other screens
Scheduled Tasks
Front-end access
UNIX System
Command Line Alternative
Securing the script
Cron Basics
Trouble shooting cron
Joomla Warning Messages
Cron tasks and the Issue Tracker component
Auto Close of Issues waiting for user or customer
EMail Raising of Issues
New issue emails
Updates for existing issues.
EMail sending of Issue Summary
EMail sending of overdue notifications
5. Enhanced Auditing Feature
Change History
Change History List
Change History Entry
Triggers List
Trigger Entry
6. Custom Fields
Custom Field Groups
Custom Fields
Individual Field Types
Product Request Capture
Something to be aware of.
7. Issue Tracker Modules
Latest issues module
Front End Editing
8. Usage Notes
How to insert your logo into a print page
Adding a logo for print output
Problems with Beez templates
Popup Windows and Cookie Messages
Warning about Backup and Restore
Search in Front End
Ordering Issues and Projects
Checked Out State
Record Deletion
Spam Checking
Spam Types
Registration Spam
Comment and Forum Spam
Prevention Techniques
Active Protection
Passive Protection
Our Take on Tools.
Captcha and Recaptcha
Passive Protection
Messages and Notifications
Use of Custom Field tags
Front End Editing and Issue Creation
Attachments (WYSIWYG editor feature)
ACL permissions
Creating a language translation for the component.
Manual method.
What is allowed in .ini files
Advice to ‘Pre-release’ Users
Joomla 2.5 support
Colour Priority
List displays and sh404SEF component.
New Progress Design Considerations
Other Problems and Issues.
9. Sample Data
Loading Demonstration Data
10. Version Changes
Joomla 3.3.x (and above) versions
Joomla 2.5/3.x combined versions
Issue Tracker 1.6.8
Issue Tracker 1.6.7
Issue Tracker 1.6.6
Issue Tracker 1.6.5
Issue Tracker 1.6.4
Issue Tracker 1.6.3
Issue Tracker 1.6.2
Issue Tracker 1.6.1
Issue Tracker 1.6.0
Issue Tracker 1.5.2
Issue Tracker 1.5.1
Issue Tracker 1.5.0
11. Possible enhancements
II. Appendices
A. GNU General Public License version 3
B. GNU Free Documentation License

List of Figures

2.1. Initial Installation Screen.
2.2. After installation screen
3.1. General Option Settings
3.2. Issue Defaults
3.3. Spam Security Options
3.4. Issue Option rules
3.5. Message Option settings (1)
3.6. Message Options (2)
3.7. Cron Control options
3.8. Cron Control options (2)
3.9. List Control options
3.10. Front End options - 1
3.11. Front End options - 2
3.12. Front End options - 3
3.13. Front End options - 4a
3.14. Front End options - 4b
3.15. Attachment Options
3.16. Log Control Options
3.17. Advanced Audit Options
3.18. Permissions Options
4.1. Help Screen
4.2. Control Panel (Joomla 2.5)
4.3. Control Panel (Joomla 3.x)
4.4. Control Panel Icons
4.5. Control Panel Issue Summary Tab.
4.6. Latest Issues Control Panel Tab.
4.7. Overdue Issues Control Panel Tab.
4.8. Unassigned Issues Control Panel Tab
4.9. About Control Panel Tab.
4.10. Changelog
4.11. Credits
4.12. Issues Display (Joomla 2.5)
4.13. Issues Display (Joomla 3.3)
4.14. Issue Editor (header)
4.15. Issue Editor (part 1)
4.16. Issue Editor (part 2)
4.17. Issue Editor (attachments)
4.18. Progress History Grid
4.19. Progress History Editor
4.20. Issues Editor (part 3)
4.21. Issues Editor (Part 4)
4.22. Issues Editor (Part 5)
4.23. People Manager *Joomla 2.5)
4.24. People Manager (Joomla 3.3)
4.25. People Editor
4.26. Projects Manager (Joomla 2.5)
4.27. Projects Manager (Joomla 3.3)
4.28. Project Editor
4.29. Attachments Display
4.30. Add New Attachment Screen
4.31. Edit Attachment Screen
4.32. Priorities Display
4.33. Priority Editor
4.34. Roles Display
4.35. Roles Editor
4.36. Status Display
4.37. Status Editor
4.38. Issue Types display
4.39. Issue Type editor
4.40. Message Templates Listing
4.41. Message Template Edit (1)
4.42. Message Template Edit (2)
4.43. Support Tab Control Panel
4.44. Documentation Tab Control Panel
4.45. Front End Menu options
4.46. Create an Issue screen
4.47. Create an Issue Screen (2)
4.48. Permission to permit Guests to raise an issue.
4.49. Additional entries required for guest users.
4.50. Identifier details with Captcha configured.
4.51. Registered users create an issue (Part 1)
4.52. Registered users create an issue (Part 2)
4.53. Front End Issue List
4.54. Front End Issue Detail
4.55. Front End Issue Detail (2)
4.56. Single Issue Menu Required Settings
4.57. Single Issue Menu Display Options
4.58. Child Link Display Option
4.59. Front End Issue Edit - Administrator (Part 1)
4.60. Front End Issue Edit - Administrator (Part 2)
4.61. Front End Issue Edit - Administrator (Part 3)
4.62. Front End Issue Edit - Raiser (Part 1)
4.63. Front End Issue Edit - Raiser (Part 2)
4.64. Front End Projects List (pre 1.3.0)
4.65. Front End Projects List (1.3.0)
4.66. Sample All Issues Print Pop-up Screen
5.1. Change History List Display
5.2. Change History Entry
5.3. Triggers List
5.4. Trigger entry (creation)
5.5. Trigger entry (after save)
5.6. Trigger entry (edit columns)
5.7. Columns field in the Triggers list display
6.1. Custom Field Groups
6.2. Custom Field Group - Edit
6.3. Custom Field - Header
6.4. Custom Field - Header
6.5. Custom Field - Date
6.6. Custom Field - Select
6.7. Custom Field - Multi Select
6.8. Custom Field - Radio Buttons
6.9. Custom Field - Text
6.10. Custom Field - Text Area
6.11. Example Custom Fields (1)
6.12. Example Custom Fields (2)
6.13. Back End Product Request Entry
6.14. Front End Product Request Display
7.1. Latest Issues Module Configuration
7.2. Latest Issues Module details section
7.3. Latest Issues Basic Options
7.4. Latest Issues Advanced Options
7.5. Latest Issues Sample display
8.1. Ordering screen step 1
8.2. Ordering screen step 2
8.3. Ordering screen step 3
8.4. Ordering screen step 4
8.5. Ordering screen step 5
8.6. Colour Priority Chart
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