Chapter 2. Design

The design criteria used for the component included the possibility of being able to configure the component such that it might be used in various way for different purposes.

For example whilst the component as installed provides a mechanism for recording and reporting problems typically associated with a software products or a software service this would not be suitable for say a solicitors who would want to record ongoing problems with a property transaction. Terms such as 'Issue' may or may not have any specific meaning in the context for which they are used.

One of the criteria in the design was to make use of as much of the supplied Joomla functionality and provide familiarity of use with the standard Joomla components. In this way we can also make use of Joomla functionality to permit 'localised' changes to the component and this permit its wider usage in a variety of situations.

Planning and Analysis

We are obviously not fully conversant with all the possible intended usages or of the specific terms associated with each usage, so it is necessary for the site or installer to make a plan with all of the various steps involved in modifying/changing the component as it is intended to be used upon a site.

Planning and Project Analysis

The first action is to define the requirements. These are then used to decide the various parts of the component that it is desired to modify.

The prime criteria is to define the 'project' or 'category' criteria. This is the top level 'container' or 'folder' to which all of the individual 'problem reports' or 'issues' are contained.

An example might be that a 'Solicitors' usage would be very different from that of a 'Hardware systems repairer'. Both would however require to track various 'concerns/problems' but the terms that would be used are very different.

At a minimum it is necessary to know the specific terms that one wishes to replace. So for example if one were to wish to use the term 'category' instead of 'Project' we would require to replace all strings containing the terms 'project' and 'projects' (the plural) with the terms 'category' and 'categories'.

Upon installation the site language files are placed in the language/en_GB/com_issuetracker.ini in the main site directory. The administration language files are contained in the administrator/lanagues/en_GB/com_issuetracker.ini and com_issuetracker.sys.ini files which are located under the administrator/langage/en_GB directory. It is these files that one would need to inspect to determine which strings are to be replaced. If we are only interested in changing the front end of the site it is the site language file that we would replace.


If a foreign language is being used on the site. i.e. The en_GB is not the site default, then the strings would be in their own specific language file directory.


There are already a number of language translations available for the component and available upon the company web site. Some of these are incomplete and may require some further work by the site administrator.

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