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Joomla 2.5 Language overrides

b2ap3 icon joomlaI was recently asked a question about language templates and how custom changes made by a site would be over ridden on a component update. This got me thinking and it seems that Joomla already provides a convenient way to create language overrides.  I am not talking about language overrides just specific strings being used instead of the standard supplied text.

This can all be done in the Joomla administrator.

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Experiences with CSS and a table style

Whilst working on presenting a sample table style for our Issue Tracker component one particular colour combination was creating a few problems. The main problem was the colour of the links in the table header.  These would be used to sort the list and due to the choice of colour scheme the link colours were taking the settings from an earlier (in the tree)  DIV style.

This resulted in us temporarily shelving the table style until such time as we had to investigate further.  With the release of 1.3 of Issue Tracker we have now turned our attention back to the style sheet. The investigation was interesting and it is likely that others might benefit from our experiences hence the decision to make it a Blog post.

The resolution was to make use of the  !important declaration which been around since CSS1 but should still be used with caution.

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Anti-Spam measures

We received an interesting comment in the site the other day about the anti-spam options that we incorporate into the Issue Tracker component.   The main gist was that Recaptcha was the only anti-spam option that we use.   However we had to reply that there were also other features such as word filtering, IP blocking, checks on the number of links, and the ability to ban specified email addresses and URLs.

We have (and still are) considering other options but do wonder whether it is the best approach to build all of these tools into a specific product such as Issue Tracker.   A typical Joomla site will have a number of components such as a Blog, a forum, a general article commenting system, etc., installed.   Other web sites even if not based on Joomla will have similar constituents.  Is it wise to have all of these parts with their own separate anti-spam measures?  The likelihood is that they will all adopt slightly different approaches with different measures of success, and all requiring updates to keep up with new techniques and methods.

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