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Joomla -€“ Creating a component '€˜Smart Search'€™ Language file

b2ap3 icon joomlaHaving created a custom Finder (Smart search) plugin for our Issue Tracker component, there was one small problem left which was that the supplied language translations were not being picked up by the ‘Smart Search module’.

Having spent time ensuring that the format of the language files were correct and that they were being placed in the correct directory on installation and were named as the documentation suggested. 

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HTTPS Everywhere a browser add-in

Came across this some time ago but now seems an appropriate time to mention it, especially with the on-going ‘mania’ with web security.

HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox and Chrome extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.  It is with a one-click installation,which can  seriously increase your security on over 1,400 web sites by encrypting your connection.

Many sites, like Gmail (and Facebook, with caveats) have options that let you browse with HTTPS always turned on, but the HTTPS Everywhere extension makes this simpler.  Instead of turning it on for individual sites, HTTPS Everywhere will automatically routes all your data through a secure connection on any of its 1,400 supported web sites, keeping your information safe and away from prying eyes—in short, it's an extension everyone should have installed.

Essentially a win win situation.  Unfortunately not available for IE, Safari and other browsers except Firefox and Chrome.   

sh404sef plugin for Codingfish Discussions v1.5

We are pleased to release v1.0.0 of an installable sh404sef plug-in for the popular Codingfish Discussions v1.5 Joomla component.

Developed internally for our own use we have decided to make it available to the wider Joomla community.

Problems writing a sh404sef installable plugin - resolved

I have been having problems getting a sh404sef installable plug-in working on Joomla 2.5.  Looking around the web, it seems that there do not appear to be any at all.  Of the sh404sef plug-ins available they nearly all require that the code is placed in a sef_ext directory under the component, OR placed in the sef_ext directory under the sh404sef component on the site (along with the supplied components).   This is not quite the same as having a separate installable plugin component.


The Anything Digital website has an article explaining how to write one, but no matter what I tried it would not work.  They helpfully provide a 'Developer' support forum, so I raised a question.  Not very helpfully they closed it with an instruction to raise the question in another forum.  A complete waste of time.  Reading around on the web, it seems I am not the only person to experience this type of response.

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