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SPAM and IP blocking

spamSince we started mapping IP addresses of persistent attempts to submit SPAM on our live site, it is obvious that Miami in the US is one of the most persistemt source. Already even though it is only the fourth day of the month we can see 128 attempts to submit SPAM messages.

This is annoying since it just increases the size of the server logs that are inspected for system problems and adds a lot of background noise.

I have decided therefore to start blocking the persistent IP addresses being used. The effect is virtually immediate with the incidences which were occuring very 5 minutes or so having ceased. It is a pity that some individuals feel the need to insert advertisements for 'personal' products on sites where they are totally inappropriate.

We therefore apologise to anyone inadvertantly who may be refused site access because they are given an IP address in our blocked range.  If you are caught then please contact support who will investigate and if necessary 'unblock' the IP address.

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