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PECR – Cookies and Joomla

I have discovered a few pieces of software that provide a start in satisfying the PECR Cookie regulations which come into effect on 26th May 2012.

I make no claims for any of these pieces of software, but my searches may be of use to others.   In total I have found the following:


1.  Name:  Kookie Grab   Website: JED

Notes:  The only solution (currently) on the Joomla Extensions Directory, written by Kevin Griffiths.  Non-commercial, it seems to be the basis for at least one of the other pieces of software discovered.  There are a few minor problems with this software, starting with the installation which doesn't install the default user account.

2.  Name:  mod-cookiechoice    Website:  Css-Tricks

Notes:  Basically this solution is a login/logout hack - the accept button actually logs the visitor in as a default user (assigned to a group that has access rights to anything that "has cookies" - defined by a View Access Level), this is the only extra that they get above public visitors.  The block button simply logs them out.  But visitors don't see this as a login, as they don't give out any information or register with the site.  Seems to work as specified.

3.  Name:  Channel Computing   Website:  Channel Computing

Notes:  A plugin that displays a banner on the page.  A free lite version  and two costed options available.  This is the solution with have chosen to use (at least initially) as it minimises the changes required.

4.  Name:  Cookie Monster   Website: 

Notes:  Seems to be a Joomla plugin but is not yet (AFAIK) released.  Two subscriptions offered, but there does not appear to be a free version.

5.  Name: Virya Cookie Monster    Website: Virya Software

Notes: Virya Cookie Monster is an adaptation of the Kookie Grab module by Kevin Griffiths.  There have now resolved thier site difficulties.  Product is now released and is chargable (22nd May 2012).


Most of these provide a link to the site Privacy policy.  Examples of cookie policies that may be adapted for a site include:

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