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Password Control 0.1.3 released

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Password Control system plugin release 0.1.3 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.4. and User plugin 0.0.4 are now available.

This minor update implements support for the forcing of the users email address on their initial login.

This feature was requested to meet a specific need. Some sites using components such as eshop virtuemart, have a situation where they provide their customers free logins. They create a number of logins with usernames such as the name of the shop + a client number, a password of 12345 and with a created email address similar to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When the user logs in there is a need to force the customer to change their password, and thus we have provided an option that will force the mandatory email change on first login. We need to force the email change otherwise it is suspected that it will be overlooked.

The change is only required for the initial login and a check for the the previous email is not necessary. Email validation is performed by Joomla.

One other change that we made concerns a strange situation where upon one specific site, a user editing their profile and then saving the change redisplayed the 'edit profile form' again and not the expected 'display your profile' page. In the redisplay the layout and the task parameters were not set, which resulted in the 'generate' button not being displayed.  We have added a check upon the Joomla version and if it is greater than 3.2 then in this situation the generator button (if configured) will be shown. We have tested this change on other Joomla versions and have not seen any problems so believe that the change is innocuous.  One to be aware of.


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