Speeding up Firefox 5

Found this which may be useful.  If you are not sure then don`t bother, but everything here can be set back to normal if needed. Just make a note somewhere of the default settings as well as the changes you have made.

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Fixing dying iTunes server

Useful article to aid fixing the iTunes server on the QNAP.

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Upgrade Windows 7 with Upgrade Media

Came upon this useful web link.  Upgrade Windows 7

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Free Microsoft Tools for IT Pros

15 Incredibly Useful (And Free) Microsoft Tools For IT Pros

This is a "slide show" over at Network World that you should check out, indeed there are a few gems in there, for instance the Microsoft Attack Surface Scanner and Disk2VHD are impressive:
Free Tools

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One things that annoys me is these websites where you see an interesting articles that offers a free download of the article and then wants you to sign up and provide an email address so they may proceed to send you many emails that you do not really want to get.

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Here's a truism that's sad, happy and true all at the same time !!

This is for all of us "over a certain age", and for those who aren't to gaze in wonder and admiration........ 

According to today's regulators and bureaucrats, those of us who were kids in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's probably shouldn't have survived.

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Outsourcing Disasters

1. The NHS' NPfIT

Estimated overruns of £7.6bn, ridden with security problems, loathed by doctors, and way behind deadline already. Impossible, according to some. EDS came and went. Now Fujitsu, CSC and Capital Care Alliance are amongst the names taking the blame.

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