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IP Mapping 1.4.2 released

location-48IP Mapping release 1.4.2 available.

The Joomla component came from a requirement to display IP addresses of site visitors upon Google maps.

This release fixes a few newly discovered problems.

The most important is probably that the site is no more, the code now residing upon Github.  One consequence of this is that the it is no longer possible to link to the makercluster javascript file and we have to now include it in the distribution.  The file has also had to be modified so that it no longer directs to googlecode for images.

One other change is that the policy usage of Google Maps seems to require an API key, which has caused problems on some sites, but strangely not upon others. See more below.

We have therefore introduced two additional API keys that can be specified.  

There was formally one API key which is used by the connection to the IP InfoDB server to get the location details of the IP address.  This InfoDB key is used by the visitor agent map IF the HTML5 Geolocations is turned on. It is also used in the back end of the site.

The two new possible API keys relate to Google Maps API.  One is a browser API key and the second is a server API key.  Some sites seem to require the setting of a Google Maps API key, where as others seem not to require one. We do not know why this is the situation.

According to the Google Maps API docs a browser key or a server key will work, otherwise a NOAPIKEYS message is displayed in the browser console window.  Our tests seem to indicate that a browser API key will only work IF there are no defined HTTP referrers defined. When there is one or more HTTP referrers defined, then the maps fail to load.

Our tests using a Server API key appear to work every time.  We should also add that some sites, among which we include our own, do not require an API key, and still work fine displaying the maps. Whether this continues to be the case in the future remains to be seen. It might be wise to obtain a server API key as a possible safe guard for a future Google Maps API change.

This update has only been tested against Joomla 3.5.1.

See the changelog for details.

The release is available in the usual download location on our site.

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