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IP Mapping 1.3.1 released

location-48IP Mapping release 1.3.1 available.

The Joomla component came from a requirement to display IP addresses of site visitors upon Google maps.
This release required a Joomla version 3.3 or above to function. Earlier versions are not supported. The release adds an option to use HTML5 geo-location determination to store the visitors location data. The browser itself, if it supports HTML5 geo-location controls the whether the user permits or declines to share their location data. If the user declines then the normal IP location determination mechanism is used.

This update was intended to introduce a change in the handling of the mapping module. This was most noticeable if the map display was showing visitor entries.  The behaviour was that new visitor entries were added to the display but they were not added to the clustering.  It was assumed that the visitor display would be viewed for relatively short periods of time. However if one left the display open on a screen the display could/would get very cluttered with a mass of icons. We are thinking specifically of periods running into hours.  One other factor was that 'old' expired visitor entries were not removed from the map display (or tabular data).  This release update changes this and now will automatically also update the clustering when new visitor entries are detected. There is also a new map display refresh option such  that at specified periods the whole display will be completely refreshed, with the information stored in the database. Note this only impacts the map on the web page. The web page itself is NOT refreshed.

There are also a couple of minor changes implemented which were omitted from the earlier 1.3.0 release. See the changelog and documentation, which has been updated for details.

The release is available in the usual download location on our site.

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