Extension Translators

We would like to thank all the people who have donated their time and effort in providing translations for our extensions, either individually or as part of a translation team, so that they may be used by the wider community.

Language  Code People

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Catalan (Spain) ca_ES Sergi B.
Núria Balcells
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW bbtw   Y    
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ Vlastislav Sucharda   Y    
Danish (Denmark) da-DK Ole Schelde   Y    
Dutch (Netherlands) nl_NL Gerard van Enschut

Imke Philipoom
jankoekepan (Jan Koekepan) Y      
French (France) fr_FR Pedwo51 (Pierre D)
Emmanuel Ruchon
Laurent Gougeon
  Y   Y

Pedwo51 (Pierre D)
Romain Michelon

German (Germany) de_DE Thomas Boje
Stefan Gertmayr
Klaus Gebhardt Y      
therealhem   Y    
Stefan-Josia.Froschauer       Y
Christof Rimle   Y    
Hungary (Hungarian) hu_HU scheibj   Y    
Italian (Italy) it_IT Bobbix (Roberto Lenti)
Filippo Aceto
Latvian (Latvia) lv_LV zanc (Žanis Vuguls)   Y    
Polish (Poland) pl_PL

kaliphast (Michał Kamiński)


raptor1989       Y
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt_BR

Carlos Rodrigues de Souza

  Y   Y

Adolfo de Oliveira Franco

Portuguese (Portugal) pt_PT horus68 (Paulo Pereira) Y Y Y Y
Romanian (Romania) ro_RO extradragon (Catalin Dragomirescu) Y Y Y Y
Russian (Russia) ru_RU

pikachurus (pikachu)


Serbian (Latin) sr_YU Nikola Jovic
Marko Vasiljevic
Serbian (Serbia) sr_RS Nikola Jovic   Y    
Slovak (Slovakia) sk_SK Marek Buban   Y    
Slovenian (Slovenia) sl_SL tajzel (Rok)
  Y   Y
Spanish (Spain) es_ES mafiu2013 (Alexis Gustavo Valencia Valenzuela)
refrito (Federico Franco Jaramillo)
Spanish (Mexico) es_MX mafiu2013 (Alexis Gustavo Valencia Valenzuela) Y      
Swedish (Sweden) sv_SE Markus Morén   Y    
Turkish (Turkey) tr_TR Gulderenler Bilisim Ltd   Y    
Vietnamese vi_VN ppanhh (Phan Anh) Y Y   Y


Our apologies to anyone we may have unintentionally omitted from the above list.

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