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Cron tasks documentation updated required.
2014-03-31 Issue Tracker - Rel 1.5.2 Closed Documentation Low Documentation update prepared and will be placed on the site shortly.
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Need to check DB privileges to delete procedures as well as create them.
2014-03-31 Issue Tracker - Rel 1.5.2 Closed Defect Low A rare problem caused by insufficient granted procedures. We now specifically check that we can 'create' and 'delete' database routines before making the decision to install the sample data procedures.
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Problem saving issues on Joomla 3.1.1
2014-03-22 Issue Tracker - Rel 1.5.2 Closed Other Low This is an 'old' version of Joomla 3.1.1.   This has several known bugs/problems.   It is strongly suggest that one upgrades to Joomla 3.1.6 as a minimum ASAP, and preferably Joomla 3.2.2 as soon as convenient,

The problem as regards Issue Tracker relates to the use of Joomla Tags feature, which is implemented in the Issues and Projects. This Joomla feature changed dramtically in the early versions of Joomla 3.1, hence the problem, since the version Issue Tracker follows the latest version of the Tags feature.
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Emailed issues 'subject' not handling encoding correctly.
2014-03-22 Issue Tracker - Rel 1.5.2 Closed Defect Medium Changed to handle decoding correctly. Also refine cleanup of subject description removing unwanted blank lines etc.
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Minor errors in admin display.
2014-01-26 Issue Tracker - Rel 1.5.2 Closed Defect Low Corrected and ready for rel 1.6.0. Assume that since no one has reported it that either they haven't noticed or are not using the attachments feature.
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In some (rare) circumstances the sh404sef plugin does not find the helper file.
2014-01-24 Issue Tracker - Rel 1.5.2 Closed Defect Low Part two of the clean up of the SEF area. Only seen on a few 'strange' URLs in the site redirect list.
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System Restore Points (Akeeba) not working.
2014-01-03 Issue Tracker - Rel 1.5.2 Closed Defect Low Resolved by Akeeba version 3.10. All now working fine. Not an Issue Tracker problem at all.
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Introduce issue and possibly project notes
2012-02-22 Issue Tracker - Rel 1.5.2 Closed Enhancement Low No longer required since we have introduced a separate progress table in rel 1.6.0.

Any specific notes on an issue can be added as a progress record and marked with the appropriate access/state settings as required.

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