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Select project not correctly picked up on front end issue creation.
The default project is being assigned when an issue on the front end is raised from a specific 'raise an issue' menu item. This is not a problem when the issue is raised from the 'Projects menu' but only when there is a specific 'raise an issue' menu item.
Identified by
Geoffrey Chapman
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Monday, 22 April 2013
Project Name
Issue Tracker - Rel 1.3.1
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Resolution Summary

Resolved and will be in release (1.3.2 and/or 1.4.0)

In the front end model itissues.php file:

Add additional check around lines 389 -> 417 for array key existsing related_project_id.

Add a line 501: [before Special case comment.]

if ( !array_key_exists ('related_project_id', $data) || empty($data['related_project_id'] )) {

and add a new line with a closing brace [ '}']

before line 520 [$pid = $this->getState('project_value', '');]

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