audit-48JAudit is a Macrotone component for creating Change tables (audit records) for data changes upon Joomla tables.

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Joomla Audit Component by Macrotone Consulting Ltd provides an independent mechanism for recording changes upon any specified table fields within the database. It requires appropriate permissions on the database to enable the creation of procedural code in the form of Database Triggers.

Requires that Joomla is running with a MySQL database.

Update to correct a problem with the population of the changed_by user in the generated audit record introduced in release 1.0.2.  Also the code to generate the triggers has been changed to perform some of the 'work' in the trigger generation rather than when the trigger is running. This has changed the generated database triggers so it is necessary to recreate the existing database triggers after this update has been applied. To do this all that is required is to edit all of the existing triggers and just save them. No other changes are required but if there are a lot of triggers this may take a little while. The act of just saving the trigger will remove the existing database trigger and recreate the new trigger.

Also introduced the ability to download the list of audit change records to a CSV or compressed (ZIP) file.  One other change is to allow a purge of the audit table records if required, which given the large number of records that can be generated will simplify cleaning up the table.

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