Download The Latest Version

Once you’ve downloaded the latest version, you’re ready to install the plugin.

Step 1 of 3 – Install the Plugin:  Login to your Joomla Administrative center and in the Extensions menu, click on the Browse button and navigate to the file location where you downloaded the file.  Click on the file and then click on the Install/Uninstall button.

Step 2 of 3 – Once the Plugin is installed, enable The Plugin In the Extensions menu, click on Plugin Manager and find your newly installed plugin called System - Password Control.

Enable your Password Control Plugin by marking the box on the left hand side opposite the plugin name, and then click the Green Enable button. After you click on it, the plugin should turn into a Green Tickmark.

Step 3 of 3 – Configure The Plugin: Whilst on this same page, click on the link System - Password Control. This will take you to the Plugin settings.

 In the Plugin Parameters section, enter your desired options.  Version 0.0.3 is shown below.

In the image shown above the following options are configured:

  1. Force change on first logon
  2. Periodic changes every  30 days
  3. Exempt user IDs  38 42 43 and 45
  4. Advanced warning days:  4 days
  5. Account blocking 50 days after last password change.
  6. Password change link.  Left at the default value

Click the SAVE button in the upper right corner of the page.

Note that different versions of the plugin may well have slightly different options.

You’ve now installed, enabled and configured the Joomla Plugin module for Password Control. Now all users using your site will be subject to the controls you have configured.

If you have any questions regarding the installation or configuration of this module, please see the FAQ and/or support forums.  If these do not address your problem contact us using the contact form.

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